About Me

I help pivot brands. The brands I work with are doing amazing, they just want to do [something] better. They are smart to come with one business problem at a time.

Here are a few real examples:

“our YouTube channel is weak”

“how do we get a new part of the country to accept us?”

“we need better open rate on emails”

“how do we start selling off social media?”

“how do we change our brand voice?

and of course,

“how do we reach younger audiences?” (say ‘millennials’¬†one more time)

The above is simplified but these are actual business problems I have solved for Fortune 500 companies. The fact is, whether big or small, all brands have one thing in common — they need to evolve. And they need to evolve to be successful and to feel fulfilled.

My speciality [then] is to research and identify ‘points of progress’. In other words a plan of incremental actions we will take to do whatever we dream up to reach whatever goal we set. From building an augmented reality app for the new Adidas flagship store on Fifth Avenue to creating an award winning comedy series for Taco Bell to working with Casie Neistat, Karlie Kloss and a Gear 360 camera for Samsung.

My diverse background as a filmmaker, writer, creative director and marketer has been featured in Adweek, AdAge, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Creativity, Fast Company and makes me a busy person for fantastic brands around the world.

I’d love to hear from you through this website or social media.